Beyblade Heavy Metal System Database

Welcome to the Beyblade Heavy Metal System Database, or HMSDB, if you are a fan of having air in your lungs.

By the time you see this, most of this website should be completed. If you come across an error, an addition that should be made, have a question, or anything in between, you can contact me, Dan, at, or on the WBO Discord.

As it stands, new and interested individuals may not know where to begin if they seek up-to-date, accurate, and concise performance information on each HMS Beyblade released. Many potential resources have out of date or incomplete information and are not regularly updated. HMSDB is meant to be complete and as up-to-date as possible on meta-defining combos, knowledge, and general techniques.

On top of this struggle to find quality information, the HMS series is a short addition to the original Beyblade line that has become increasingly difficult to get into from sheer cost alone.  For this reason, many existing Beyblade enthusiasts don't have the heart to test out the Beyblades they shelled out a fair chunk of change for, but would still like to learn more about what they own.

For individuals in either of these scenarios, HMSDB is meant for you. I have had the privilege of owning and/or testing every HMS part released, and have done my best to assess each part as accurately as possible through countless hours of testing. Thanks in incredibly large part to Th!nk, from the WBO & PlasticsDB for not only inspiring me, but giving me the tools to begin this journey in the first place.

If you want to get an understanding about what a specific part is good for, or how it holds up compared to the established HMS meta, go to the Beyblade's page that the part comes from. I have made sure to give every part a potential combo that I believe it would work best in. In some cases these combos are already well-known and successful, and in other cases, I merely did the best I could to give an otherwise competitively insignificant part a home.  Underneath each combo will be a "Game Plan", which defines your victory condition as well as any specific technique you should employ to increase your chance of coming out on top. If you want to get the quick and dirty run-down on top tier meta combos for each type, head to the Competitive page. Those combos are the best of the best for their typing, without question.  Note that all testing was done in both A-93 Tornado Attack and BB-10 Attack Type Stadium, with other stadium quirks or meta changes being noted in the Legal Stadiums page.


Thanks to the following people I was able to make this resource as thorough as possible:

Th!nk, for his gracious donation of his extensive HMS collection, time, and patience in listening to my rants. If you're also a fan of the Plastic series, the Plastics DB is practically required reading at this point, no stone was left unturned. A kind yet snappy fellow with an encyclopedic knowledge of Beyblade that goes unrivalled, simple as.

YBlader, for his help in securing a few rarer HMS despite just getting to know me.

Teresa, for her help navigating and using Japanese-exclusive selling platforms and going above and beyond as a middle-woman.

4DFury, for his help and insight into Hasbro HMS releases and clearing up BP Types once and for all. The definitive Hasbro brand master.

DerexGT (BladerGT), for his incredible stock photographs, and great condition HMS collection that put my battle-scarred ones to shame.

Kei, for his generosity in allowing me to borrow a few key components I was missing to finish everything off. For those of you interested in Burst, Kei's BeyBase is an incredible resource to learn about the Burst meta, while also providing you with the insights from the undisputed tournament king. Kei is the bedrock of the western Beyblade tournament scene and our competitive community as a whole.

Talkin' to Th!nk 'bout my life and shit,  I thought the DB was finished but I keep writing shit.